Welcome to fairlangen.org … in English!

fairlangen.org provides tips and ideas for living in a fairer, more sustainable manner in and around Erlangen, Germany.

We want to make people aware of the poverty and environmental problems present in the world and to encourage people to make a difference. The aim of the site is to give you ideas about the changes to your lifestyle and purchasing habits that you can make each and every day, directly in Erlangen.

This following provides a brief overview of the website content so that even if you don’t speak German you can still partly use the site (or maybe ask a German friend or colleague to translate the relevant parts).

  • FairFinder
    • Enables you to search for fairtrade products in Erlangen, from honey and wine to clothes and flowers. For each product we list where you can buy it, opening times, and its location in the town. You can also see all the other fairtrade products each shop sells.
  • Lifestyle (leben)
    • Ideas about how to use fewer natural resources, information about green electriciy suppliers, links to ethical banks (for example those that don’t invest in the arms industry, nuclear power, child labour, etc.), cafes & restaurants with fairtrade products.
  • Shopping (einkaufen)
    • Lists places selling food (fairtrade, organic, regional), clothing, flowers, etc from sustainable sources and a map showing the locations of each shop.
  • Getting around (mobil sein)
    • Lists of bike shops/repairers, links to the national railway website (Die Bahn) and the local transport network including the buses in and around Erlangen, and ideas for carsharing.
  • Stay informed (informieren)
    • Contains information about the various labels used to indicate fairtrade or organic produce, information about the Millennium goals to combat poverty, events and initiatives going on in or around Erlangen, how to get involved politically, and downloads for our flyers, banners, etc.
  • Blog
    • Short articles about sustainability, fairtrade, events etc in the town as well as changes to the website, or pretty much anything else that we think might interest our readers.